What I Do.

I am a freelance composer, sound engineer and sound designer working out of Soundz Studios which has two live rooms and a separate vocal booth. I have over 35 years music industry experience, have a BA(Hons) in Music and Technology, and a MFTM Diploma in music to moving image.

Among the services I offer are recording, composition, sound design, audio editing, audio restoration, mixing and mastering.
Audio can be provided as either individual stems(except some specific samples which cannot be delivered in isolation due to copyright terms) or as complete mixes.
I can tailor services to suit your production and budget. I can also create versions of public domain tunes if you are unable to find royalty free versions.

Software and Equipment:
Recording and mixing in Cubase 7.5, Logic X and Pro Tools 11. Mastering in WaveLab 8.5. Scoring in Sibelius. Tascam DM4800 64 track digital mixer through Klein and Hummel, Adam, and Avantone monitoring.

AIR, Apple, Avid, Best Service, Dynamic Range Foundation, East West, Eventide, IK Multimedia, Ina-GRM, Izotope, Klanghelm, Line 6, Melda, Native Instruments, Nomad Factory, Plug and Mix, Sonnox, Steinberg, Voxengo and Waves.

AKG, Sennheiser, Audio Technica, Rode and Shure.

Gibson, Fender, Ibanez and Aria electric and semi acoustic guitars.
Gibson and Fender basses.
Taylor and Ibanez acoustics.

Blackstar, Fender Gallien Krueger, Laney, Mesa Boogie, Roland.

Synth and Sample Libraries:
East West Quantum Leap Libraries: Symphonic Orchestra Platinum, Symphonic Choirs, Gypsy, Ministry of Rock, Voices of Passion, Stormdrum 2, Goliath, Ra, and Silk. Native Instruments: instrument and sample systems: Komplete 9 Ultimate and Kore II. Spectrasonics: Heart of Africa. Best Services: Era Medieval Legends. Flying Hand Percussion. Evolve: Mutations and Mutations 2, Studio Box: Vols 1 through 4, SFX & Foley sounds.